Studia Geotechnica et Mechanica

Vol. 29 (2007), No.3-4

Sunil, Bharti P. K., Sharma D.
Thermal convection in a ferromagnetic fluid saturating a porous medium
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Wanatowski D.
Asymptotic behaviour of sand in plane-strain compression tests
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Gładysz M., Śniady P.
The spectral analysis of a beam under a random train of moving forces
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Szcześniak M., Burlion N., Shao J. F.
Effect of standardized aggregate size on the parameters of concrete in various water-saturation states
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Monnet J.
Validation of an elastoplastic theory of the pressuremeter test in granular soil
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Sawicki E.
One-dimensional consolidation of poroelastic medium with rheological skeleton
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Ibrahim N., Sibai M., Kondo D., Shao J. F.
Caractérisation des propriétés mécaniques des roches par microindentation
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