Reviewing Principles

  1. In order to evaluate any manuscript. two independent reviewers are appointed.

  2. At least one of the reviewers should be affiliated to a foreign research centre in the country other than the nationality of the author.

  3. The identities of reviewers are not disclosed to author (the so-called single-blind review process).
    The reviewer signs the Absence of Conflict of Interest Statement, in which he/she declares no conflict of interest with the author of the manuscript. The “conflict of interest” is understood as:
    1. personal relation (family relation, legal bonds, conflict),
    2. subordination-in-service relationship,
    3. direct research collaboration within two years preceding the review.

  4. The review is presented in writing and concludes with an unambiguous statement if the article should be published or rejected.

  5. In their evaluation, the reviewers pay attention to the scientific nature of the manuscript, its layout, style, language, terminology, works cited, conformity of bibliographic notes format, as well as the relevance of the content to the title.

  6. The principles underlying the acceptance or rejection of an article and the Review Form are available on the periodical's web page.

  7. The names of the reviewers of particular publications/issues are not disclosed; the reviewers collaborating with the periodical are listed to the public once a year.