Studia Geotechnica et Mechanica

Vol. 43 (2021), No.s1
Special Issue: Underground Infrastructure of Urban Areas

Hanna Michalak, Paweł Przybysz
Forecasting the impact of buildings with multistorey underground parts on the displacement of subsoil using modern numerical tools
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Jacek Grosel, Monika Podwórna
Optimisation of absorber parameters in the case of stochastic vibrations in a bridge with a deck platform for servicing pipelines
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Leszek Wysocki, Cezary Madryas, Jacek Grosel
Analysis of the structure of liners used for the modernisation of brick collectors
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Łukasz Grabowski, Monika Mitew-Czajewska
Early-Age Thermal-Shrinkage Cracking in Deep Foundations
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Zuzanna Fyall
Analysis of the temperature effect on the stresses and deformations of GRP panels during the grouting process when using relining technology
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Patrycja Stanowska, Józef Dziopak, Daniel Słyś, Mariusz Starzec
An innovative rainwater system as an effective alternative for cubature retention facilities
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Tomasz Abel, Natalia Pelczar
Modern concrete pipes: a review of reinforcement and new technologies
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