Studia Geotechnica et Mechanica

Vol. 44 (2022), No.4

Kowalczyk Piotr
Resonance of a structure with soil elastic waves released in non-linear hysteretic soil upon unloading
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Ayeche H., Zitouni Z., Limam A., Bouafia A.
Parametric study of the earth dam’s behaviour subjected to earthquake
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Phu Minh Vuong Nguyen
Impact of longwall mining on slope stability – A case study
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Wojciech Lorenc, Günter Seidl, Jacques Berthellemy
The evolution of the shape of composite dowels
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Maciej Kożuch, Łukasz Skrętkowicz
Proposal of concept for structural modelling of hybrid beams
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Yada Tesfaye Boru, Adamu Beyene Negesa, Gianvito Scaringi, Wojciech Puła
Settlement Analysis of a Sandy Clay Soil Reinforced with Stone Columns
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Daniel Kefelegn Teshager, Henok Lemma Belayneh
Reviews on Finite Element Modeling Practices of Stone Columns for Soft Soil Stabilization Beneath an Embankment Dam
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Linda Bouacida, Sadok Feia, Sid Ali Denine, Noureddine Della
An analytical model to predict water retention curves for granular materials using the grain-size distribution curve
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