Studia Geotechnica et Mechanica

Vol. 43 (2021), No.4

Łukasz Bednarek
An assessment of how penetration curve adjustment affects the California bearing ratio (CBR)
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Dariusz Czepiżak
Innovative Look at the ‘General Method’ of Assessing Buckling Resistance of Steel Structures
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Piotr Klejment, Robert Dziedziczak, Paweł Łukaszewski
Strength of industrial sandstones modelled with the Discrete Element Method
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Szymon Zieliński, Stanisław Kostecki, Paweł Stefanek
Numerical analysis of the transport of brine in the Odra River downstream of a mine’s discharge
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Paweł Siemaszko, Zygmunt Meyer
Analysis of the pile skin resistance formation
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Phu Minh Vuong Nguyen, Tomasz Olczak, Sywester Rajwa
An investigation of longwall failure using 3D numerical modelling – A case study at a copper mine
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Aleksander Duda, Tomasz Siwowski
Experimental study on earth pressure reduction of waste tyre bales used as a backfill for rigid retaining structures
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Jędrzej Dobrzański, Marek Kawa
Bearing capacity of eccentrically loaded strip footing on spatially variable cohesive soil
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Adam Krasiński, Mateusz Wiszniewski
Identification of residual force in static load tests on instrumented screw displacement piles
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Paweł Więcławski
Vibro piles performance prediction using result of CPT
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Włodzimierz Brząkała
Stress-weighted spatial averaging of random fields in geotechnical risk assessment
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