Studia Geotechnica et Mechanica

Vol. 42 (2020), No.4

Bień J., Kużawa M.
Dynamic Tests in Bridge Health Monitoring
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Schabowicz K., Zawiślak L.
Numerical Comparison of Thermal Behaviour Between Ventilated Facades
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Śniady P., Misiurek K., Szyłko-Bigus O., Idzikowski R.
Vibrations Of The Euler–Bernoulli Beam Under A Moving Force Based On Various Versions Of Gradient Nonlocal Elasticity Theory: Application In Nanomechanics
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Machelski Cz.
The Use Of The Collocation Algorithm For Estimating The Deformations Of Soil-Shell Objects Made Of Corrugated Sheets
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Różański A., Kaczmarek N.
Empirical and theoretical models for prediction of soil thermal conductivity: a review and critical assessment
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Skuodis Š., Dirgėlienė N., Medzvieckas J.
Using Triaxial Tests to Determine the Shearing Strength of Geogrid-Reinforced Sand
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Rainer J., Szabowicz H.
Analysis of underground stratification based on CPTu profiles using high-pass spatial filter
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Hydzik-Wiśniewska J., Bednarek Ł.
Statistical analysis of mechanical properties on the example of aggregates of Carpathian sandstones
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Bac-Bronowicz J., Kowalczyk P., Bartlewska-Urban M.
Risk Reduction of a Terrorist Attack on a Critical Infrastructure Facility of LGOM Based on the Example of the Żelazny Most Tailings Storage Facility (OUOW Żelazny Most)
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