Studia Geotechnica et Mechanica

Vol. 41 (2019), No.4

Hammadeh H, Askifi F., Ubysz A., Maj M., Zeno A.
Effect of using insert on the flow pressure in cylindrical silo
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Faridmehr I., YazdaniPour M. R., Jokar M. J., Ozbakkaloglu T.
Construction and Monitoring of Cement/Bentonite Cutoff Walls: Case Study of Karkheh Dam, Iran
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Boutouba K., Benessalah I., Arab A., Henni A. D.
Shear Strength Enhancement of Cemented Reinforced Sand: Role of Cement Content on the Macro-Mechanical Behavior
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Rabarijoely S.
A New Method for the Estimation of Hydraulic Permeability, Coefficient of Consolidation, and Soil Fraction Based on the Dilatometer Tests (DMT)
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Bukowska M., Smolorz A.
Influence of Humidity on the Energy of Specific Strain in the Process of Loading Sedimentary Rocks
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Kadiri I., Tahir Y., Iken O., Fertahi S.e.-D., Agounoun R.
Experimental and statistical analysis of blastinduced ground vibrations (BIGV) prediction in Senegal’s quarry
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Rachdi S., Jahangir E., Tijani M., Serratrice J.-F.
Critical state constitutive models and shear loading of overconsolidated clays with deviatoric hardening
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Halicka A., Zyga J.
The Consequences of Non-Uniform Founding of Concrete Tank in Weak Wet Subsoil
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Batog A., Stilger-Szydło E.
Geotechnical Problems Of The Foundation Of Road Embankments By The Bridge Structures
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