Studia Geotechnica et Mechanica

Vol. 39 (2017), No.4

Bouaricha L., Djafar Henni A., Lancelot L.
A laboratory investigation on shear strength behavior of sand y soil: effect of glass fiber and clinker residue content
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Duszyński R., Duszyńska A., Cantré S.
New experiences in dike construction with soil-ash composites and fine-grained dredged materials
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Duży S., Dyduch G., Preidl W., Stacha G.
Drainage adits in Upper Silesia – industrial technology herit age and important elements of the hydrotechnical infrastructure
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Kowalska M., Zaczek-Peplinska J.
Application of terrestrial laser scanner with an integrated thermal camera in non-destructive evaluation of concrete surface of hydrotechnical objects
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Muszyński Z., Rybak J.
Evaluation of terrestrial laser scanner accuracy in the control of hydrotechnical structures
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Namysłowska-Wilczyńska B., Wynalek J.
Geostatistical investigations of displacements on the basis of data from the geodetic monitoring of a hydrotechnical object
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Pachla H.
Experimental verification of integrity of low-pressure injection piles structure – pile internal capacity
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Pasik T., van der Meij R.
Locating critical circular and unconstrained failure surface in slope stability analysis with tailored genetic algorithm
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Pawlus D.
Influence of parameters of core Bingham material on critical behaviour of three-layered annular plate
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Wałęga A, Młyński D., Wachulec K.
The use of asymptotic functions for determining empirical values of CN parameter in selected catchments of variable land cover
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Wyjadłowski M.
Methodology of dynamic monitoring of structures in the vicinity of hydrotechnical works – selected case studies
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