Studia Geotechnica et Mechanica

Vol. 37 (2015), No.4

Chand R.
On the onset of thermal convection in a layer of Oldroydian visco-elastic fluid saturated by Brinkman–Darcy porous medium
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Dobrociński S., Flis L.
Numerical simulations of blast loads from near-field ground explosions in air
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Kawa M.
Reliability analysis of bearing capacity of square footing on soil with strength anisotropy due to layered microstructure
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Machelski Cz.
Stiffness of railway soil-steel structures
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Pezowicz P., Choma-Moryl K.
Moisture content impact on mechanical properties of selected cohesive soils from the Wielkopolskie Voivodeship southern part
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Sawicki E., Strzelecki T.
Analysis of the foundation slab settlement of the “Africa Pavilion” facility in Wrocław
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Smaga A.
Analysis of prognosis of lowland river bed erosion based on geotechnical parameters
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Tajduś K.
Numerical modelling of the mining induced horizontal displacement
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Tajduś K., Tajduś A.
Some considerations on horizontal displacement and horizontal displacement coefficient B
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Wrana B.
Pile load capacity – calculation methods
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Pieczyńska-Kozłowska J.
Technical note: Comparison between two methods for estimating the vertical scale of fluctuation for modeling random geotechnical problems
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