Studia Geotechnica et Mechanica

Vol. 36 (2014), No.4

Koszela-Marek E.
The effect of 200 MPa pressure on specific surface area of clay
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Krasiński A., Kusio T.
Comparative model tests of SDP and CFA pile groups in non-cohesive soil
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Pawlus D.
Dynamic response of three-layered annular plate with imperfections
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Pietruszczak S., Haghighat E.
Modeling of fracture propagation in concrete structures using a constitutive relation with embedded discontinuity
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Sawicki A., Sławińska J., Mierczyński J.
Structure and calibration of constitutive equations for granular soils
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Stefaniuk D., Tankiewicz M., Stróżyk J.
X-ray microtomography (μCT) as a useful tool for visualization and interpretation of shear strength test results
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Kostecki S.
Random vortex method in numerical analysis of 2D flow around circular cylinder
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Koś K., Zawisza E.
Technical note: Stability of a levee made of bottom sediments from a dam reservoir
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