Studia Geotechnica et Mechanica

Vol. 31 (2009), No.4

Barszcz M.
Analysis of freshets caused by heavy rainfall in small urbanized drainage basin of Służewiecki Stream
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Koszela J., Koszela-Marek E.
Engineering geology and geotechnics in civil engineering
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Machajski J., Simkowska M.
Numerical dimensioning of vertical grout curtains of earth-fill dams
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Marchalko M., Třeslín L., Fuka M.
The impacts of underground mining as a possible factor affecting the Doubrava Oplíží slope movement activity
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Mydlikowski R., Beziuk G.
Examination of levee condition by means of GPR
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Popow A., Pasiok R.
Study of operational conditions of hydrotechnical structures in the area of Piaski – Dolny Taras in Bydgoszcz with the use of EPA SWMM
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Sawicki E., Stróżyk J.
Determination of permeability coefficient of saturated clay based on linear segment of settlement curve
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Tymków P., Borkowski  A., Gołuch P.
River embankment identification in the airborne laser scanning point cloud
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