Studia Geotechnica et Mechanica

Vol. 44 (2022), No.3

Salima Bouchemella, Said Taibi
Effect of suction on the mechanical behaviour of unsaturated compacted clay–sand mixtures
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Eren Komurlu
Case studies on Q-slope method use for slope stability analyses
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Mohammed Y. Fattah, Yousif J. Al-Shakarchi, Huda N. Al-Numani
Effect of Time History on Long-Term Deformation of Gypseous Soils
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Cafaro F., Hamad A., Monterisi L.
Does water lubrication affect friction differently for rocks and soils? Evidence and open questions
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B. Kirtimayee, Narendra Kumar Samadhiya
Behavior of Vertically Confined Square Footing on Reinforced Sand under Centric Inclined Loading
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Miłosz Bąk, Irena Bagińska
Observation Method in the Control of Stacker Capacity Under Landslide Hazard – A Case Study
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