Studia Geotechnica et Mechanica

Vol. 43 (2021), No.3

Zbigniew Młynarek, Jędrzej Wierzbicki, Tom Lunne
Usefulness of the CPTU method in evaluating shear modulus G0 changes in the subsoil
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Maciej Pazdan
FEM modelling of the static behaviour of reinforced concrete beams considering the nonlinear behaviour of the concrete
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Krzysztof Schabowicz, Łukasz Zawiślak, Paweł Staniów
Efficiency of ventilated facades in terms of airflow in the air gap
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Justyna Sławińska-Budzich
Characteristic parameters of soil failure criteria for plane strain conditions – experimental and semitheoretical study
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Piotr Dybeł, Katarzyna Dybeł, Jerzy Cieślik
Evaluation of Tunnel Contour Quality Index on the Basis of Terrestrial Laser Scanning Data
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Dariusz Łydżba, Adrian Różański, Maciej Sobótka, Michał Pachnicz, Szczepan Grosel, Jakub Rainer
A comprehensive approach to the optimization of design solutions for dry anti-flood reservoir dams
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Litan Debnath, S.M. ASCE
Seismic bearing capacity of shallow strip footing embedded in slope resting on two-layered soil
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Tomasz Abel
Laboratory tests and analysis of CIPP epoxy resin internal liners used in pipelines – part II: comparative analysis with the use of the FEM and engineering algorithms
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