Studia Geotechnica et Mechanica

Vol. 42 (2020), No.3

Farshid Farrokhi, Sepideh Rahimi
Supervised probabilistic failure prediction of tuned mass damper-equipped high steel frames using machine learning methods
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Lylia Deghoul, Smail Gabi, Adam Hamrouni
The influence of the soil constitutive models on the seismic analysis of pile-supported wharf structures with batter piles in cut-slope rock dike
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Abdelaziz Khennouf, Mohamed Baheddi
Heave analysis of shallow foundations founded in swelling clayey soil at N’Gaous city in Algeria
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Djamel Saadi, Khelifa Abbeche, Rafik Boufarh
Model experiments to assess effect of cavities on bearing capacity of two interfering superficial foundations resting on granular soil
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Adewale Dosunmu, Roland I. Nwonodi, Evelyn Ekeinde
Analysis of the Collapse Gradient of Deep Water Horizontal Wellbore and the Effects of Mud Chemical Activity and Variation in Water Depth
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Eligiusz Mieloszyk, Mariusz Wyroślak
Application of non-classical operational calculus to indicate hazards in numerical solutions of engineering problems
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Mehdi Mebarki, Toufik Kareche, Sabah Benyahia, Feth-Ellah Mounir Derfouf, Nabil Abou-Bekr, Said Taibi
Volumetric behavior of natural swelling soil on drying-wetting paths. Application to the Boumagueur marl -Algeria-
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Sebastian Olesiak
Influence of the heterogeneity of a dump soil on the assessment of its selected properties
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Michał Siegmund, Marek Kalita, Domink Bałaga, Krzysztof Kaczmarczyk, Józef Jonak
Testing the rocks loosening process by undercutting anchors
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