Studia Geotechnica et Mechanica

Vol. 39 (2017), No.3

Ćwirko M., Jastrzębska M., Kwiecień S.
The analysis of the usefulness of welded meshes to embankment reinforceme
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Fiołek P., Jakubowski J., Tomczak K.
Code calculations for local stability of shaft guides
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Krasiński A., Wiszniewski M.
Static load test on instrumented pile – field data and numerical simulation
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Patyńska R., Stec K.
Regional rockburst inidicator for structural units of Upper Silesia Coal Basin
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Prakash J., Kumar R., Kumari K.
Thermal convection in a ferromagnetic fluid layer with magnetic field dependent viscosity: a correction applied
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Skrzypkowski K., Korzeniowski W., Zagórski K., Dudek P.
Application of long expansion rock bolt support in the underground mines of Legnica–Głogów Copper District
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Tankiewicz M., Kawa M.
Identification of anisotropic criteria for stratified soil based on triaxial tests result
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Uciechowska-Grakowicz A., Strzelecki T.
Non-isothermal constitutive relations and heat transfer equations of a two-phase medium
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