Studia Geotechnica et Mechanica

Vol. 38 (2016), No.3

Kawa M., Puła W., Suska M.
Random analysis of bearing capacity of square footing using the LAS procedure
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Namysłowska-Wilczyńska B.
Geostatistical analysis of space variation in underground water various quality parameters in Kłodzko water intake area (SW part of Poland)
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Nguyen P. M. V., Niedbalski Z.
Numerical modeling of open pit (OP) to underground (UG) transition in coal mining
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Obrzud R. F., Hartmann S., Podleś K.
Selected aspects of designing deep excavations
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Stróżyk J., Tankiewicz M.
The elastic undrained modulus Eu50 for stiff consolidated clays related to the concept of stress history and normalized soil properties
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