Studia Geotechnica et Mechanica

Vol. 36 (2014), No.3

Danilewicz A., Sikora Z.
Numerical simulation of crater creating process in dynamic replacement method by smooth particle hydrodynamics
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Jastrzębska M., Łupieżowiec M., Uliniarz R., Jaroń A.
Analysis of the vibration propagation in the subsoil
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Kalinowska M., Jastrzębska M.
Behaviour of cohesive soil subjected to low-frequency cyclic loading in strain-controlled tests
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Kawa M.
Failure criterion for brick masonry: a micro-mechanics approach
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Krasiński A.
The analysis of soil resistance during screw displacement pile installation
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Kumor M. K.
Microstructural and tomographic analyses in geotechnical assessment of soil media
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Szarf K., Combe G., Villard P.
Particle shape effect on macroscopic behaviour of underground structures: numerical and experimental study
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Sternik K.
Technical note: Prediction of static liquefaction by nor sand constitutive model
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