Studia Geotechnica et Mechanica

Vol. 35 (2013), No.3

Bałachowski L., Sikora Z.
Mechanical properties of bottom ash dredged material mixtures in laboratory tests
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Florkowska L.
Numerical modelling for underground mining related geotechnical issues
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Gorska K., Muszyński Z., Rybak J.
Displacement monitoring and sensitivity analysis in the observational method
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Kango S. K., Rana G. C., Chand R.
Triple-diffusive convection in Walters' (Model B') fluid with varying gravity field saturating a porous medium
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Kłopotowska A. K., Łukaszewski P.
The influence of the de-icing salt on the deterioration of rock materials used in monumental buildings
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Machelski Cz.
Shear forces in the connection of structural elements under bending
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Sunil, Choudhary S., Bharti P. K.
Global stability for thermal convection in a couple-stress fluid with temperature and pressure dependent viscosity
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