Studia Geotechnica et Mechanica

Vol. 34 (2012), No.3

Pietruszczak S., Pande G. N.
Description of hydraulic and strength properties of anisotropic geomaterials
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Bartlewska-Urban M., Strzelecki T.
Thermal consolidation of porous medium with a rheological Kelvin–Voigt skeleton
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Bauer J., Kozubal J., Puła W., Wyjadłowski M.
Application of HDMR method to reliability assessment of a single pile subjected to lateral load
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Dyka I.
Use of the laboratory tests of soil modulus in modelling pile behaviour
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Garbulewski K., Żakowicz S., Rabarijoely S., Łada A.
SASK method for testing hydraulic conductivity of soils by flat dilatometer (DMT)
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