Studia Geotechnica et Mechanica

Vol. 31 (2009), No.3

Meyer Z.
Hydraulic conditions of water flow in river mouth
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Batog A., Stilger-Szydło E.
New approach to assessment of road embankment stability
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Buchholz W.
Hydraulic aspects of border Oder river regulation works
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Gołuch P., Borkowski  A., Jóźków G., Tymków P.
Application of digital terrain model generated from airborne laser scanning data in hydrodynamic modelling
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Popow A.
Modelling and effect assessment of flood wave caused by Smukała reservoir dam break, river Brda, km 21+500÷14+800
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Strzelecki T., Nowak J., Strzelecki M.
Spatial, numerical model of filtration for Żelazny Most tailings management facility
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