Studia Geotechnica et Mechanica

Vol. 43 (2021), No.2

Michał Piotr Musiał, Filip Grzymski, Tomasz Trapko
The effect of the pre-wetting of expanded clay aggregate on the freeze-thaw resistance of the expanded clay aggregate concrete
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Sujata Gupta, Anupam Mital
Behaviour of eccentrically inclined loaded rectangular foundation on reinforced sand
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Andrzej Helowicz
Impact of subgrade and backfill stiffness on values and distribution of bending moments in integral box bridge
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Vaibhaw Garg, Jitendra Kumar Sharma, Ashish Solanki
An Analytical Study of Partially Strengthened Single End-Bearing Granular Pile Near the Top and Bottom
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Anna Uciechowska-Grakowicz, Tomasz Strzelecki
Application of the thermoporoelasticity model in numerical modelling of underground coal gasification influence on the surrounding medium
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Michał Grodecki
Load capacity of the mixed bench and slab foundation. Numerical simulations and analytical calculation model
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Alemu Mosisa Legese, Tesfaye Geneti Kenate, Fekadu Fufa Feyessa
Termite Mound Soils for Sustainable Production of Bricks
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Salah Eddine Bouguerba, Djawad Zandagui, Souad Benhchilif
Geostatistical analysis of spatial variability of the liquefaction potential – Case study of a site located in Algiers (Algeria)
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Tomasz Abel
Laboratory tests and analysis of CIPP epoxy-resin internal liners used in pipelines – part I: comparison of tests and engineering calculations
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Dariusz Łydżba, Adrian Różański, Maciej Sobótka, Michał Pachnicz, Szczepan Grosel, Matylda Tankiewicz, Paweł Stefanek
Safety analysis of the Żelazny Most tailings pond: qualitative evaluation of the preventive measures effectiveness
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