Studia Geotechnica et Mechanica

Vol. 42 (2020), No.2

Staszewska K., Cudny M.
Modelling the time-dependent behaviour of soft soils
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Bryja D., Hyliński A.
An influence of track stiffness discontinuity on pantograph base vibrations and catenary–pantograph dynamic interaction
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Chwała M.
On determining the undrained bearing capacity coefficients of variation for foundations embedded on spatially variable soil
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Sławińska-Budzich J., Mierczyński J.
Deformations and stability of granular soils: Classical triaxial tests and numerical results from an incremental model
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Pytlik A.
Comparative Shear Tests of Bolt Rods Under Static and Dynamic Loading
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Goławska K., Lechowicz Z., Matusiewicz W., Sulewska M. J.
Determination of The Atterberg Limits of Eemian Gyttja on Samples With Different Composition
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