Studia Geotechnica et Mechanica

Vol. 41 (2019), No.2

Fateh Madani, Belkacem Kebli
Axisymmetric Torsion of an Elastic Layer Sandwiched between Two Elastic Half-Spaces with Two Interfaced Cracks
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Machelski Cz.
Effects of Surrounding Earth on Shell During the Construction of Flexible Bridge Structures
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Alaa H. J. Al-Rkaby
Strength and Deformation of Sand-Tire Rubber Mixtures (STRM): An Experimental Study
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Pytlik A.
Tests of steel arch and rock bolt support resistance to static and dynamic loading induced by suspended monorail transportation
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Skrzypkowski K., Korzeniowski W., Zagórski K., Dominik I., Lalik K.
Fast, non-destructive measurement of roof-bolt loads
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Raid Ramzi Al-Omari, Madhat Shakir Al-Soud, Osamah Ibrahim Al-Zuhairi
Effect of Tunnel Progress on the Settlement of Existing Piled Foundation
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