Studia Geotechnica et Mechanica

Vol. 39 (2017), No.2

Adach-Pawelus K., Butra J., Pawelus D.
An attempt at evaluation of the remnant influence on the occurrence of seismic phenomena in a room-and-pillar mining system with roof deflection
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Ciężkowski P., Maciejewski J., Bąk S.
Analysis of energy consumption of crushing processes – comparison of one-stage and two-stage processes
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d’Obyrn K., Tajduś A.
Geomechanical numerical analysis as a guidance for preservation works of the “Wieliczka” Salt Mine site
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Kaczmarek Ł. D., Dobak P. J., Kiełbasiński K.
Preliminary investigations of creep strain of Neogene clay from Warsaw in drained triaxial tests assisted by computed microtomography
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Pajdak A., Kudasik M.
Structural and textural characteristics of selected copper-bearing rocks as one of the elements aiding in the assessment of gasogeodynamic hazard
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Różański A.
Temperature changes in the vicinity of thermally loaded structure embedded in the soil: effect of sand content and saturation degree
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Tomczak K., Jakubowski J., Fiołek P.
Method for assessment of changes in the width of cracks in cement composites with use of computer image processing and analysis
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Wierzbicki M., Skoczylas N., Kudasik M.
The use of a unipore diffusion model to describe the kinetics of methane release from coal spoil in the longwall environment
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