Studia Geotechnica et Mechanica

Vol. 38 (2016), No.2

Cała M., Jakóbczyk J., Cyran K.
Inclinometer monitoring system for stability analysis: the western slope of the Bełchatów field case study
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Cenacewicz K., Katunin A.
Modeling and simulation of longwall scraper conveyor considering operational faults
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Głogowska M., Warzecha R.
Tectonophysics map of discontinuous deformation of Rybnik region
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Kaczmarek M., Szymańska A.
Application of artificial neural networks to predict the deflections of reinforced concrete beams
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Sobótka M., Pachnicz M.
Shape optimization of road tunnel cross-section by simulated annealing
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Uciechowska-Grakowicz A., Strzelecki T.
Numerical model of heat transfer in three phases of the poroelastic medium
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Wymysłowski M., Kurałowicz Z.
Study of displacements of a bridge abutment using FEM
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