Studia Geotechnica et Mechanica

Vol. 37 (2015), No.2

Gabryś K., Szymański A.
The evaluation of the initial shear modulus of selected cohesive soils
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Głuchowski A., Szymański A., Sas W.
Repeated loading of cohesive soil – shakedown theory in undrained conditions
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Puła W., Zaskórski Ł.
On some methods in safety evaluation in geotechnics
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Sawicki A., Mierczyński J., Smyczyński, pl
Theoretical analysis of model seabed behavior under water wave excitation
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Sawicki A., Sławińska J.
Liquefaction of saturated soil and the diffusion equation
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Soból E., Sas W., Szymański A.
Scale effect in direct shear tests on recycled concrete aggregate
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Stefaniak K.
Assessment of shear strength in silty soils
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Stępień S., Szymański A.
Influence of strain rate on tensile strength of woven geotextile in the selected range of temperature
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Truty A., Obrzud R.
Improved formulation of the Hardening Soil model in the context of modeling the undrained behavior of cohesive soils
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Wrzesiński G., Lechowicz Z.
Testing of undrained shear strength in a hollow cylinder apparatus
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Ghataora G. S., Ghazireh N., Hall N.
Remediation of acid generating colliery spoil using steel slag – case studies
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Marczak H.
Evaluation of the impact of hydrostatic pressure and Lode angle on the strength of the rock mass based on the Hoek–Brown criterion
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Wrana B., Pietrzak N.
Slope stability estimation of the Kościuszko Mound in Cracow
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