Studia Geotechnica et Mechanica

Vol. 36 (2014), No.2

Bałachowski L., Kurek N.
Deep compaction control of sandy soils
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Benazzouz B.-K.
A nanoscale simulation study of elastic properties of gaspeite
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Florkowska L., Walaszczyk J.
Key aspects of the proper formulation of the model in numerical analysis of the influence of mining exploitation on buildings
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Krasiński M., Lefik M.
Two scales, hybrid model for soils, involving artificial neural network and finite element procedure
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Łydżba D., Sobótka M.
State of strength in massive concrete structure subjected to non-mechanical loads
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Meyer Z.
Static load tests, short series interpretation
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Wrana B.
Dynamics coefficient for two-phase soil model
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Bartlewska-Urban M., Strzelecki T.
Effect of variation of temperature field on the process of thermal consolidation of tailings pond “Żelazny Most”
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