Studia Geotechnica et Mechanica

Vol. 35 (2013), No.2

Demagh R., Emeriault F., Hammoud F.
3D modeling of tunnel excavation using pressurized tunnel boring machine in overconsolidated soils
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Florkowska L.
Example building damage caused by mining exploitation in disturbed rock mass
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Jaremski J.
Some aspects of joining piles
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Machajski J., Olearczyk D.
Analytical verification of outlet devices capacity of Lubachów storage reservoir on the Bystrzyca River
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Różański A., Łydżba D., Jabłoński P.
Numerical study of the size of representative volume element for linear elasticity problem
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Strzelecki T., Sawicki E., Strzelecki M.
Numerical modeling of vertical wells in unsteady groundwater flow conditions
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