Studia Geotechnica et Mechanica

Vol. 34 (2012), No.2
These publications were funded within the framework of
"Organization of Second National Scientific Conference Modeling of Hydrological Processes"
Total cost of the project: 52541.11 PLN therein 16574.40 PLN was granted

Chalfen M., Głuchowska B., Pływaczyk L.
Assessment of the impact of the Odra river water levels on groundwater levels in Rzeczyca region
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Chormański J.
Analysis of urbanization impact on changes in river discharge – a case study of the Biała River catchment
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Hudak M., Rojna A.
Statistical analysis of mineral soils in the Odra valley
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Krupiński A.
Analysis of sediment particle velocity in wave motion based on wave flume experiments
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Kuchar L., Iwański S., Jelonek L., Szalińska W.
Modelling flow changes in potential climate change conditions – an example of the Kaczawa basin
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Markowska J., Markowski J., Drabiński A.
Application of HEC-RAS model for estimating changes in watercourse geometry during floods
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Olichwer T., Wcisło M., Staśko S., Buczyński S., Modelska M., Tarka R.
Numerical model of the catchments of the Oziąbel and Wołczyński Strumień rivers – Wołczyn municipality
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Mirosław-Świątek D.
Application of Newtonian nudging data assimilation method in hydrodynamic model of flood flow in the Lower Biebrza Basin
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