Studia Geotechnica et Mechanica

Vol. 33 (2011), No.2

Gruchot A., Grzyb J., Zydroń T.
Influence of loading on the CBR ratio of fuel ashes from the "Skawina" power plant
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Houam A., Seghir K., Kehila Y.
Etude experimentale du lessivage d’un filter geotextile/sable d’oum ali-tebessa (est algerien)
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Jastrzębska M., Łupieżowiec M.
The influence of the choice of strain modulus value on foundation settlement
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Khemissa M.
Characterization of the anisotropy of a normally consolidated soft clay
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Namysłowska-Wilczyńska B., Wynalek J.
The analysis of vertical displacements for a hydrotechnical facility using geostatistics. Part II. Determining the probability of displacement occurrence and its prediction
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Sahajda K.
Calculation of piles based on CPT results in Poland
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