Studia Geotechnica et Mechanica

Vol. 32 (2010), No.2

Abbeche K., Laouar M. S., Messaoud F.
Prediction of collapsible soils by cone penetrometer and ultrasonic tests
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Mohan H.
A characterization theorem in hydromagnetic double-diffusive convection coupled with cross diffusions
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Sharma V., Gupta U.
Stability of stratified elasto-viscous Walters’ (Model B') fluid in the presence of horizontal magnetic field and rotation
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Bauer J., Puła W., Wyjadłowski M.
Modelling of flow capacity and mass transport in compound crosssection channel
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Machajski J., Olearczyk D.
Model investigations of side channel spillway of the Pilchowice storage reservoir on the Bóbr River
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