Studia Geotechnica et Mechanica

Vol. 31 (2009), No.2

Bartlewska M., Strzelecki T.
Equations of Biot’s consolidation with Kelvin–Voight rheological frame
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Radzicki K., Bonelli S.
Evaluation of piping erosion by means of temperature analysis
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Verma K. L.
Propagation of thermal disturbance due to thermal load in thermoelasticity with thermal relaxation time
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Mohan H., Kumar P. , Singh P.
On the magnetorotatory thermosolutal convection (MRTC) of the Veronis type in the presence of Soret effect
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Gavrilov A. N., Gryaznova E. M., Anikin O. P.
Technical note: Geophysical survey techniques in congested urban environment
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