Studia Geotechnica et Mechanica

Vol. 28 (2006), No.2-4

Gruescu C., Monchiet V., Kondo D.
Macroscopic properties of an orthotropic elastic medium containing arbitrarily oriented cracks: application to damage
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Bałachowski L.
Numerical modelling of DMT test in calibration chamber
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Marcinowski J., Konderla  P., Domaradzka K.
Stability of shells in the conditions of plastic flow of material
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Kunecki B.
Full-scale test of corrugated steel culvert and FEM analysis with various static systems
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Madryas C., Śmiertka G.
Bearing capacity of sewerage pipelines versus bedding conditions. Part III. Modified laboratory tests
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Machelski Cz., Antoniszyn G., Michalski B.
Live load effects on a soil-steel bridge founded on elastic supports
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Aririatu L. E. , Ewelike N. C.
Technical note: Production of a portable biofilter unit for the removal of odour and colours from wastewaters
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Dołżyk K.
Technical note: The non-linear Mohr–Coulomb model for sands
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