Studia Geotechnica et Mechanica

Vol. 44 (2022), No.1

Czesław Machelski
Contact interactions between soil and a corrugated metal sheet in soil-shell structures under construction
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Marcin Chwała
An iterative algorithm for random upper bound kinematical analysis
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Czesław Machelski,, Maciej Sobótka, Szczepan Grosel
Displacements of shell in soil-steel bridge subjected to moving load: determination using strain gauge measurements and numerical simulation
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Bantayehu Uba Uge, Yuancheng Guo, Yunlong Liu
Numerical study on stress paths in grounds reinforced with long and short CFG piles during adjacent rigid retaining wall movement
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Marian Kwietniewski, Piotr Świercz, Jarosław Chudzicki
Modern methods for monitoring water leakages in water networks
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Douifi Amel, Amar Bouzid Djillali, Bhattacharya Subhamoy, Amoura Nasreddine
Evaluation of sand p–y curves by predicting both monopile lateral response and OWT natural frequency
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Krzysztof Fuławka, Anna Kwietniak, Vera Lay, Izabela Jaśkiewicz-Proć
Importance of seismic wave frequency in FEM-based dynamic stress and displacement calculations of the earth slope
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