Studia Geotechnica et Mechanica

Vol. 43 (2021), No.1

Mohamed Elhebib Guellil, Zamila Harichane, Erkan Çelebi
Seismic codes based equivalent nonlinear and stochastic soil structure interaction analysis
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Fatih Isik, R. Kagan Akbulut, A. Sahin Zaimoglu
Influence of Waste Toothbrush Fiber on Strength and Freezing–Thawing Behavior in High Plasticity Clay
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Frzat Askif, Hala Hammadeh, Andrzej Ubysz, Marek Maj
Numerical Modeling of Wall Pressure in Silo with and Without Insert
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Szczepan Grosel
Numerical analysis of tailing dam with calibration based on genetic algorithm and geotechnical monitoring data
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Aleksander Grabowski, Michał Nitka
3D DEM simulations of basic geotechnical tests with early detection of shear localization
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