Studia Geotechnica et Mechanica

Vol. 42 (2020), No.1

Shivanand Mali, Baleshwar Singh
3D Numerical Modeling of Large Piled-Raft Foundation on Clayey Soils for Different Loadings and Pile-Raft Configurations
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Djamel Bouri, Abdallah Krim, Abdelkader Brahim, Ahmed Arab
Shear strength of compacted Chlef sand: effect of water content, fines content and others parameters
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Maciejewski J., Bąk S., Ciężkowski P.
Modelling Of Rock Joints Interface Under Cyclic Loading
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Federico A. M., Bottiglieri O., Cafaro F., Elia G.
Hydraulic Characterization of a Self-Weight Compacted Coal
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Giovanni B., Fabrizio C.
2D numerical analysis of the seismic response of a karst rock mass: importance of underground caves and geostructural details
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Ahlinhan M. F., Adjovi E. C.
Setup of axial bearing capacity of open ended tubular steel piles driven in sand
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Ciężkowski P., Maciejewski J., Bąk S., Kwaśniewski A.
Application of The New Shape Crushing Plate in Machine Crushing Processes
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