Studia Geotechnica et Mechanica

Vol. 41 (2019), No.1

Szybiński J., Ruta P.
Analysis of thin-walled beams with variable monosymmetric cross section by means of Legendre polynomials
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Shalu Choudhary, Sunil
Global stability for double-diffusive convection in a couple-stress fluid saturating a porous medium
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Davarpanah M., Somodi G. , Kovács L. , Vásárhelyi B.
Complex analysis of uniaxial compressive tests of the Mórágy granitic rock formation (Hungary)
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Tarek Mansouri, Khelifa Abbeche
Experimental bearing capacity of eccentrically loaded foundation near a slope
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Abdelmadjid Abdi, Khelifa Abbeche, Djamel Athmania, Mounir Bouassida
Effective width rule in the analysis of footing on reinforced sand slope
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