Studia Geotechnica et Mechanica

Vol. 39 (2017), No.1

Herbut A.
The efficiency of an active generator in the case of a deep foundation location
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Kaczmarek Ł. D., Zhao Y., Konietzky H., Wejrzanowski T., Maksimczuk M.
Numerical approach in recognition of selected features of rock structure from hybrid hydrocarbon reservoir samples based on microtomography
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Konkol J., Bałachowski L.
Influence of installation effects on pile bearing capacity in cohesive soils – large deformation analysis via Finite Element Method
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Korzeniowski W., Skrzypkowski K., Zagórski K.
Reinforcement of underground excavation with expansion shell rock bolt equipped with deformable component
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Majcherczyk T., Niedbalski Z.
The impact of multiple seam mining exploitations on seismic activity and state of stress
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Małkowski P., Ostrowski Ł., Bachanek P.
The impact of the low throw fault on the stability of roadways in a hard coal mine
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Szypcio Z.
Stress-dilatancy for soils. Part III: Experimental validation for the biaxial condition
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Szypcio Z.
Stress-dilatancy for soils. Part IV: Experimental validation for simple shear conditions
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Zawrzykraj P. Z.
Deformability parameters of varved clays from the Iłów (Central Poland) area based on the selected field tests
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Habrat M., Krakowska P., Puskarczyk P., Jędrychowski M., Madejski P.
Technical note. The concept of a computer system for interpretation of tight rocks using X-ray computed tomography results
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