Studia Geotechnica et Mechanica

Vol. 38 (2016), No.1

Bagińska I., Kawa M., Janecki W.
Estimation of spatial variability of lignite mine dumping ground soil properties using CPTu results
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Bartlewska-Urban M., Zombroń M., Strzelecki T.
Numerical analysis of road pavement thermal deformability, based on Biot viscoelastic model of porous medium
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Cała M., Stopkowicz A., Kowalski M., Blajer M., Cyran K., d’Obyrn K.
Stability analysis of underground mining openings with complex geometry
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Drakos S., Pande G.N.
Stochastic finite element analysis using polynomial chaos
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Konkol J., Bałachowski L.
Large deformation finite element analysis of undrained pile installation
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Mehta C.B.,
Magneto-rotatory compressible couple-stress fluid heated from below in porous medium
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Rajczakowska M., Łydżba D.
Durability of crystalline phase in concrete microstructure modified by the mineral powders: evaluation by nanoindentation tests
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Riaz A., Jamil S. M., Asif M., Akhtar K.
Tunnel support design by comparison of empirical and finite element analysis of the Nahakki Tunnel in Mohmand Agency, Pakistan
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Rykaluk K.
Preliminary calculation of irregular triguy mast support
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Sdvyzhkova O., Patyńska R.
Effect of increasing mining rate on longwall coal mining – Western Donbass case study
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Stefaniuk D., Różański A., Łydżba D.
Recovery of microstructure properties: random variability of soil solid thermal conductivity
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Tajduś A., Cała M., Tajduś K.
The influence of normal fault on initial state of stress in rock mass
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Borowiec A., Stanuszek M.
Technical Note: Liquefaction mechanism induced by dynamic excitation modeled in Plaxis AE with the use of UBC and Mohr–Coulomb constitutive relationships
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