Studia Geotechnica et Mechanica

Vol. 37 (2015), No.1

Bałachowski L., Białek K.
Bearing capacity of the working platform with kinematic method
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Bogusz A., Bukowska M.
Specific energy of hard coal under load
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Cieślik J.
Stress drop as a result of splitting, brittle and transitional faulting of rock samples in uniaxial and triaxial compression tests
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Jakóbczyk J., Cała M. , Stopkowicz A.
What were the reasons for the rapid landslide occurrence in “Piaseczno” open pit? – analysis of the landslide process
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Konkol J.
Numerical estimation of the pile toe and shaft unit resistances during the installation process in sands
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Majcherczyk T., Niedbalski Z. , Ulaszek A.
Roadway stability evaluation on the basis of modern monitoring of displacement
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Oleszko K., Młynarczuk M.
The three-dimensional imaging of rock wall surface with the use of computer-based image processing and analysis
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Pasik T., Chalecki M., Koda E.
Analysis of embedded retaining wall using the subgrade reaction method
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Rajczkowska M., Stefaniuk D., Łydżba D.
Microstructure characterization by means of X-ray micro-CT and nanoindentation measurements
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Skoczylas N., Kudasik M., Wierzbicki M., Murzyn T.
New instruments and methods for analysing the coal-methane system
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Strzelecki T., Maniecki Ł., Bartlewska-Urban M.
Building a numerical model of the filtration flow in the “Żelazny Most” flotation tailings disposal lake
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Strzelecki T., Strzelecki M.
Relation between filtration and soil consolidation theories
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Watson J. M., Vakili A., Jakubowski M.
Rock strength anisotropy in high stress conditions: a case study for application to shaft stability assessments
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