Studia Geotechnica et Mechanica

Vol. 36 (2014), No.1

Bednarczyk Z.
Landslide geohazard monitoring, early warning and stabilization control methods
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Borowiec A., Maciejewski K.
Assessment of susceptibility to liquefaction of saturated road embankment subjected to dynamic loads
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Cieślik J.
Onset of crack initiation in uniaxial and triaxial compression tests of dolomite samples
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Kawalec-Latała E.
Edge detection on images of pseudoimpedance section supported by context and adaptive transformation model images
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Kłopotowska A. K., Łukaszewski P.
The influence of the salt mist on the deterioration of rock materials
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Łydżba D., Rajczakowska M., Stefaniuk D., Kmita A.
Identification of the carbonation zone in concrete using X-ray microtomography
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Łydżba D., Różański A. , Rajczakowska M., Stefaniuk D.
Efficiency of the needle probe test for evaluation of thermal conductivity of composite materials: two-scale analysis
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Mościcki W. J., Bania G., Ćwiklik M., Borecka A.
DC resistivity studies of shallow geology in the vicinity of Vistula River flood bank in Czernichów village (near Kraków in Poland)
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Olesiak S.
On the possibility of testing Miocene clay from Cracow area using Weight Sounding Test (WST)
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Ondrášik M., Kopecký M.
Rock pore structure as main reason of rock deterioration
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Patyńska R.
Methodology of estimation of methane emissions from coal mines in Poland
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Sobótka M.
Numerical simulation of hysteretic live load effect in a soil-steel bridge
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Strzelecki M.
Numerical three-dimensional model of airport terminal drainage system
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