Studia Geotechnica et Mechanica

Vol. 35 (2013), No.1

Adamczyk J., Cała M. , Flisiak J., Kolano M., Kowalski M.
Slope stability analysis of waste dump in Sandstone Open Pit Osielec
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Baliak F., Brček M.
Engineering-geological maps of geological factors of the environment in Slovakia
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Bartlewska-Urban M., Strzelecki T.
Numerical calculation of deformation of three dimensional sample in triaxial apparatus under external load and temperature field
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Borecka A., Olek B.
Loesses near Kraków in light of geological-engineering research
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Brodny J.
Analysis of operation of arch frictional joint loaded with the impact of freely falling mass
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Cieślik J.
Scalar damage variable determined in the uniaxial and triaxial compression conditions of sandstone samples
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Duda Z., Kryzia K.
The reconstruction of the historical building of the Latin School in Malbork
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Flis L., Dobrociński S., Kiełczyński W.
Reduction of derivative pipeline effort in water turbine
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Kawalec-Latała E.
The effectiveness of deconvolution process in presence of random noise on the base of rock salt deposits from "Bytom Odrzański" area
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Kolano M., Flisiak D.
Comparison of geo-mechanical properties of white rock salt and pink rock salt in Kłodawa salt diapir
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Kopecký M., Ondrášik M., Antolová D.
Horizontal drains as effective measure for landslide remediation
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Majcherczyk T., Kryzia K.
Analysis of measured and predicted land surface subsidences caused by retreat mining
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Namysłowska-Wilczyńska B.
Geostatistical hydrogeochemical 3D model for Kłodzko underground water intake area. Part I. Estimation of basic statistics on quality parameters of underground waters
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Pytel W., Świtoń J.
Assessment of the impact of geomechanical parameters variability on underground excavations stability using response surface method
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Różański A., Sobótka M.
On the interpretation of the needle probe test results: thermal conductivity measurement of clayey soils
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Sobótka M., Łydżba D., Różański A.
Shape optimization of underground excavation by simulated annealing
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Strzelecki M.
Quick sands effect on desert lands – example of filtration stability loss
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Suska M., Puła W.
Reliability assessment of bearing capacity of layered soils using High Dimensional Model Representation (HDMR)
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Wrana B., Pietrzak M.
Influence of inertia forces on soil settlement under harmonic loading
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