Studia Geotechnica et Mechanica

Vol. 32 (2010), No.1

Jaremski J.
Influence of moisture changes on physico-chemical processes and geotechnical parameters in soft rocks
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Jastrzębska M.
The influence of overconsolidation ratio on the "Gs – ε1" dependence for cyclic loading of cohesive soils in the range of small strains
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Koner R., Chakravarty D.
Stability study of the mine overburden dumps slope: a micromechanical approach
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Kozioł A., Krukowski M.
Modelling of flow capacity and mass transport in compound crosssection channel
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Muszyński Z.
Application of selected robust estimation methods for calculating vertical displacements of hydrotechnical structures
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Parzonka W., Kosierb R.
Assessment of riverbederosion process of middle Odra River on Malczyce–Ścinawa section
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