Studia Geotechnica et Mechanica

Vol. 31 (2009), No.1

Batog A., Stilger-Szydło E.
Assessment of safe exploitation of post-floatation storage facilities
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Machelski Cz.
Estimation of internal forces in the shell of soil-steel structures on the basis of its displacements during backfilling
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Mokwa M., Tymków P., Wężyk P.
Identification of flow resistance coefficients in floodplain forests
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Nguyen G.
The analysis of factors influencing the values of soil shear strength parameters obtained by direct shear test
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Baryakh A., Sanfirov  I., Hronusov V., Yroslavcev A,, Devyatkov S.
Technical note: Geological and geomechanical estimation of karst danger for city area
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