Studia Geotechnica et Mechanica

Vol. 26 (2004), No.1-2

Monnet J., Allagnanat D.
Dimensionnement d'un grand mur de soutenement par reconnaissance pressiometrique
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Banaszak J., Kowalski S., Musielak G.
Determination of material coefficients for the thermomechanical model of drying
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Ghosh R., Garg M.
Impact of mining on water availability in mining areas of Jharkhand, India. A statical approach
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Sunil, Divya, Sharma R. C., Sharma V.
Stability of stratified Walters' (model B') viscoelastic fluid in stratified porous medium
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Kumar P., Mohan H., Singh G. J.
Stability of superposed viscous-viscoelastic (Rivlin-Ericksen) fluids through porous medium
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Mohan H., Kumar  P., Devi P.
On the stability of generalized hydromagnetic thermohaline shear flows
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Madryas C., Śmiertka G.
Bearing capacity of sewerage pipelines vs bedding parametres. Part I Numerical analysis
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